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New Snem was started a while ago, and has had _very_ slow progress. It's supposed to have cycle-accurate CPU and better PPU emulation, though it has mostly failed (so far). The PPU emulation is much better, supporting colour add/sub (with a couple of bugs in a few games), windowing, high res (ish). New SPC700 + DSP emulation has been added, and works with most games, though timing is a little off (which is probably breaking SD3). Compatibility is miles better than old SNEm. The speed isn't though - while old SNEm was written on a P2-350, and hence is usable on such a machine, New Snem needs about 1ghz.

NeuSneM v0.1 for Windows (source included)

Equinox Final Fantasy 3 F-Zero Secret of Mana Super Metroid Plok Wolfenstein 3D Zelda 3

SNEm is an old, dead SNES emulator. It has a reasonable CPU emulator, buggy SPC700 (+ sound) emulation, incomplete + buggy PPU emulation, and a lack of a user interface.

The source can also be downloaded. It has been described by Byuu-san as looking "like a wild cat got in there and just tore the whole thing into shreds", which is fair enough really. One of the reasons it was canned was that it became immensely difficult to maintain. The other main reason is that I started concentrating on Arculator, and Acorn is much cooler than Nintendo - you just can't play Elite on the SNES.

Downloads :
SneM 0.095 WIP W9X and source
SneM 0.094 WIP W9X and source (recommended version)
SNEM 0.02 W9x
SNEM 0.02 source

Screenshots :
Mario Allstars Street Fighter 2 (only on WIP) Earthbound (only on WIP) Prince of Persia (only on WIP)