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This is GTA clone I started a little while ago. I'm going to try and keep a diary of development, in order to encourage me to finish it (unlike most of my other game projects).

It's intended to be a hybrid of both the original GTA, and Payback off the Amiga & GBA.


I should just give up really.
I've ported the 'game' to OpenGL - this is the first non-trivial OpenGL program I've written.

Only real new feature is night! I'm quite proud of the car lights - even at this stage it looks reasonably atmospheric.

Non-player cars are better behaved (waiting at junctions and the like) though they still get stuck sometimes.


I did say I was going to keep this up to date didn't I?

New feature is traffic.

These cars (all of which are the same as yours) follow the traffic laws reasonably well. They're directed by a map on top of the main level, full of arrows :


This is my first upload of anything from this game. These are screenshots of the game itself, and the level editor.

So far the basic engine is mostly done. It's all software rendering at 640x400, and does perspective and zooming in and out nicely. The plan is to move it to hardware accelerated, then I can add lighting effects to make it look somewhat better. Car handling isn't that good so far.

The game suffers at the moment by having me do all the graphics, this means generic tiles everywhere (largely done with PSP's 'Add Noise' function). The car was stolen from Klik'n'Play from memory.

The level editor was designed for a different project, but I reused it for this. The size of the cities it makes is quite small at the minute, but that's useful for early testing.