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Music conversions
NQTris :

My entry for the 2005 Minigame. A variation on Tetris, it placed 20th, out of 24.
Download it

Plat 3064 :

My entry for the 2003 Minigame. A four level Manic Miner ripoff with colour clash - but on the C64. Placed 31st this time.
Download it

Blastapede :

My entry for the 2002 Minigame. I placed 44th :)
Download it

Manic Miner remake :

Started (and given up on) ages ago, you can jump around the first level. The jumping is wrong, and the collapsing floor hasn't been added yet.

Invaders type game :

One of the first games I ever wrote. It's just a simple shooty game with an infinite number of enemies.

Invaders :

Another Invaders type game. This was meant to be a sequel to the above.

Other unnamed game :

The third part of the above trilogy, this one was never finished.

Ferrari Deathmatch :

A split-screen deathmatch game with Ferraris. It doesn't really play very well, so I never finished it.

Snake :

It's Snake. What else is there to say?

Noughts & Crosses :

One player noughts & crosses. The AI is really crap.