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Info on all of my emulators (released and unreleased) (any of the dead emulators can be taken over by anyone. If you are interested, just email me) :

Miggy (active)
A new Amiga emulator, aiming initially to emulate A500/A500+/A600. This might get released one day, when I fix the (many) bugs.

Jaggy (dead)
Can't really be bothered now. Have created a source release though.
Download source code

Amiga Emulator (probably dead)
Little more than a crappy 68000 emulator with a little custom chip emulation. Not usable, hence the only available release is source.
Download source code

shiteGBA (buried)
I got bored one day and made this. Runs 3 demos. The binary and source are available to download.
Download shiteGBA

Unnamed NES emulator (inactive)
Runs runs some games and demos, with correct-ish colours and correct-ish scrolling. Joypad emulation is also there, and mappers 1 (unfinished), 2, 3, 4 (not working) and 7 are emulated.
Download NES emulator and source

Unnamed Master System emulator (dead)
Only runs a few demos. You can download it with source.
Download SMS emulator with source

Unnamed Spectrum emulator (two of them - both dead)
These were just experiments with MZ80. One is for DOS while the other is for Windows (my first Windows emulator!). They don't run anything except for Sinclair BASIC as there is no tape emulation of any kind (the Windows one doesn't even emulate the keyboard).
Download DOS Spectrum emulator and source
Download Windows Spectrum emulator and source

TC64EWAN (dead)
This is a C64 emulator (TC64EWAN stands for The C64 Emulator Without A Name). It emulates just enough of the C64 to run a few games. Joystick emulation is broken, VIC-II address calculation is broken, and the T64 reader is very primitive.
*UPDATE - I wrote a better C=64 emulator and will upload it soon.
Download TC64EWAN

Unnamed Gameboy emulator (dead)
This one gets to the title screen of Tetris (but with broken characters). It doesn't run anything else.
Admittedly, I did write this entirely without docs, only using the No$GMB debugger as a reference.

shitePSX (decapitated)
Like shiteGBA, wrote this when I was bored, but it didn't get as far. You can download the sources (didn't provide a binary, no point)
Download shitePSX sources