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Music conversions
25th April 2014
PCem has moved to

3rd January 2014
PCem v8.1 released. This fixes a number of issues in v8.

20th December 2013
PCem v8 released. Changes from v0.7 :

- New machines - SiS496/497, 430VX
- WinChip emulation (including MMX emulation)
- New graphics cards - S3 Trio64, Trident TGUI9440AGi, ATI VGA Edge-16, ATI VGA Charger, OAK OTI-067, ATI Mach64
- New sound cards - Adlib Gold, Windows Sound System, SB AWE32
- Improved GUS emulation
- MPU-401 emulation (UART mode only) on SB16 and AWE32
- Fixed DMA bug, floppy drives work properly in Windows 3.x
- Fixed bug in FXAM - fixes Wolf 3D, Dogz, some other stuff as well
- Other FPU fixes
- Fixed serial bugs, mouse no longer disappears in Windows 9x hardware detection
- Major reorganisation of CPU emulation
- Direct3D output mode
- Fullscreen mode
- Various internal changes

13th July 2013
PCem is now in source control at This actually happened a while ago but I forgot to update this site.

3rd August 2012
PCem v0.7 released. Windows 98 now works, Win95 more stable, more machines + graphics cards, and a huge number of fixes.

19th December 2011
PCem v0.6 released. Windows 95 now works, FPU emulation, and load of other stuff.

23rd September 2011
Uploaded a fixed version of PCem v0.5, which has working sound.

21st September 2011
PCem v0.5 released. Loads of fixes + new features in this version.

4th August 2011
Finally got round to adding some info (+ music samples) of my uni project synthesiser.

13th February 2011
PCem v0.41a released. This fixes a disc corruption bug, and re-adds (poor) composite colour emulation.

1st February 2011
PCem v0.41 released. This fixes some embarassing bugs in v0.4, as well as a few games.

23rd October 2010
Uploaded a load of music conversions I made for the BBC & Master 128.

27th July 2010
PCem v0.4 released. 386/486 emulation (buggy), GUS emulation, accurate 8088/8086 timings, and lots of other changes.

17th July 2010
Elkulator v1.0 released. Lots of changes, improved stability and a Linux port.

26th May 2010
ReasonableGBA v0.2 released. Not a huge amount of changes for nearly two years, but never mind.

26th March 2010
B-em v2.0a released. Minor bugfixes, plus Linux port now available.

24th March 2010
B-em v2.0 released. Loads and loads of changes here, making B-em now the most accurate BBC emulator available.

22nd May 2009
Site has now been moved to There are updates to all pages.

As there hasn't been an update in a while, here are some screenshots of pending updates to existing emulators :

And here are some screenshots of new emulators :

21st August 2008
ReasonableGBA v0.1 released. This is a new GBA emulator, better than shiteGBA was.

Also added the first information about my GTA clone. This is the first game I've worked on in years!

30th July 2008
PCem v0.3 released. This adds more machines, SB Pro emulation, SVGA emulation, and some other stuff.

19th October 2007
NeuSneM v0.1 available. This is a total rewrite of SNEm, but is still a bit rubbish.

14th October 2007
PCem v0.2a released. This is a bugfix release over v0.2.

10th October 2007
PCem v0.2 released. This adds PC1640 and AT emulation, 286 emulation, EGA/VGA emulation, Soundblaster emulation, hard disc emulation, and some bugfixes.

19th August 2007
PCem archive updated with (hopefully) bugfixed version.

15th August 2007
PCem v0.1 released. This is a new emulator for various old XT-based PCs.

10th October 2006
Updates to SNEM page. New release is forthcoming.

29th April 2006
Some changes to the site design. Also missed pointing out the releases of RPCemu 0.3, RPCemu 0.4, Arculator 0.5 and Arculator 0.6.

4th January 2006
RPCemu 0.2 released. It runs RiscOS 3.7 now, so I'd imagine it's a bit more useful.

26th December 2005
RPCemu 0.1 released. This is a freeware RiscPC emulator, emulating RiscOS >= 3.5. It's on the same page as Arculator, at

24th December 2005
B-em 1.0 released. This is especially useful with the FDI images at

12th October 2005
Arculator 0.4 released.

5th October 2005
Arculator 0.35 released.

23rd August 2005
Arculator 0.3 released.

23rd July 2005
Arculator 0.25 released.

28th June 2005
Arculator 0.2 released.

24th May 2005
Arculator 0.1 released. This has now moved to, and is vastly improved over the previous release.

6th March 2005
Snem is now dead. I've released the latest code that was lying on my machine as 0.095, but it's somewhat broken.

27th January 2005
Arculator 0.09 released.

29th September 2004
SNeM 0.094 WIP released for Windows as well.

28th September 2004
SNeM 0.094 WIP released (DOS only at the moment).

7th March 2004
Some overdue updates on all pages.

1st January 2004 (again)
Uploaded Arculator again (missed alleg41.dll out).

1st January 2004
Arculator pre-release 11 released.

22nd December 2003
SNeM 0.093 WIP released.

10th December 2003
SnEM 0.092 WIP released. This has new stuff like sound.

29th November 2003
SnEM 0.09 WIP released.

9th November 2003
ZX82 0.2 released.

6th September 2003
ZX82 0.11 released.

25th August 2003
First release of ZX82.

1st July 2003
Source release of Jaggy. (it's dead now, by the way).

29th June 2003
SNEM 0.02 released.

10th February 2003
SNEM 0.012 released.

2nd December 2002
SNEM 0.0111 released. Also uploaded the sources to an Amiga emulator I've had on my machine for ages.

30th November 2002
Arculator pre-release 10 now available. If anyone can help me with Arculator, or has any ARM code that fails under it (the simpler the better), please email me.

10th October 2002
First screenshot of Jaggy on the emulators page.

14th September 2002
SNEM 0.011 released.

9th September 2002
SNEM zips now work. Enjoy!

8th September 2002
SNEM 0.01 released.

27th August 2002
SNEM 0.0 released (on the emulators page).

7th August 2002
New Arculator (Archimedes emulator) source and binary. It now boots!

12th July 2002
Major update on the games page.

30th April 2002
New Archimedes emulator source and binary. Many more programs run, including Warlocks. RiscOS still doesn't boot though. Please note that this emulator is far from complete, and as such has not been released properly yet. It will be when RiscOS boots.

18th April 2002
New Archimedes emulator source. Compatibility has been improved, colours are now correct, and a monitor/disassembler/debugger/whatever has been added

15th March 2002
New Archimedes emulator source. Main change from last version is that you can now load absolute files, so some demos now work.

2nd March 2002
New Archimedes emulator source released. If anyone knows where zero page is set up in RiscOS 3.11, please tell me!

5th February 2002
New Archimedes emulator source released.

4th February 2002
Uploaded three emulators - shiteGBA, shitePSX and a Master System emu. Also put something in the games page.

1st February 2002
New Archimedes emulator source released. Now starts second part of self-test.

16th January 2002
New Archimedes emulator source released. Still doesn't boot, but now fails the self-test.

14th January 2002
Current source to my Archimedes emulator released (still doesn't boot). Also released a new Atari ST emulator.

12th January 2002
B-em 0.4 released!

13th December 2001
Updated the emulators section, with news on my Archimedes emulator, B-em 0.4, and YAAME 0.2.

27th October 2001
Released a new 'raster bars' GBA demo.